#4 GATE #4 Gate
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When gazing down the perimeter fence of this sharp dogleg, a player may notice a gate to the left of the directional bunker at the bend of the fairway. This was no error on the part of the fence company - at the request of the membership a convenient thoroughfare to points beyond.

How to Play
Dogleg right par four that gives the players a risk reward option off the tee. Long hitters can take a rip at the green but must hit a high tee shot over the trees to get close. Trouble looms left as OB runs down the entire side for the players bailing from the trees on the right. The flattest green on the course makes any shot on the green a makeable putt.

Men's Par, Yardage, and Handicap Information
black_icon  BLACK3399
Icon_BlkBlue  BLACK/BLUE43399
Blue  BLUE4 3249
White Blue  BLUE/WHITE43249
White  WHITE43129
White Gold  WHITE/GOLD43129
Gold  GOLD42909

Women's Par, Yardage, and Handicap Information
Gold  GOLD4 29013
White Gold  GOLD/GREEN429013
Gold  GREEN423913