#2 GOLDEN SUMMIT #2 Golden Summit
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This solid three shot hole features a green surface perched atop a very steep hill. All but the front pins play blind to the player with a false front to funnel any short shots back to the player’s feet and two large bunkers on both sides of the green complex to guard against miss-directed approaches. A par on this hole is always welcome and a birdie is truly golden.

How to Play:
Another par five that plays as three-shot hole for most golfers, as only the bombers can reach this one in two. The key to this hole is the approach to the green that requires an accurate shot to an uphill green that is severely sloped from back to front. Don’t be short on your third shot. Par is always good here.

Men's Par, Yardage, and Handicap Information
black_icon  BLACK5563
Icon_BlkBlue  BLACK/BLUE55263
Blue  BLUE5 526 3
White Blue  BLUE/WHITE54913
White  WHITE54913
White Gold  WHITE/GOLD54463
Gold  GOLD54463

Women's Par, Yardage, and Handicap Information
Gold  GOLD5 4463
White Gold  GOLD/GREEN53963
Gold  GREEN53963