#18 TILLY'S TAVERN #18 Tillys Tavern
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AW Tillinghast was often remembered for enjoying lavish binges with his friends during the early years of his design career. Beautifully built in the year 2002 was a prominent English-style clubhouse overlooking the 18th green. We can be certain that Tillinghast would approve of the members enjoying a re-telling of the day’s round while enjoying a spirit and the companionship of their friends overlooking his fine home hole, a long par 5.

How to Play
This longer par five will require three shots for the modest player. A bigger than normal green that is well bunkered makes the approach the key to this hole. The green is sloped and best played from slightly below the hole, as most of Golden Valley’s greens demand.

Men's Par, Yardage, and Handicap Information
black_icon  BLACK5746
Icon_BlkBlue  BLACK/BLUE55746
Blue  BLUE5 5286
White Blue  BLUE/WHITE55286
White  WHITE54996
White Gold  WHITE/GOLD54396
Gold  GOLD54396

Women's Par, Yardage, and Handicap Information
Gold  GOLD5 4398
White Gold  GOLD/GREEN53948
Gold  GREEN53948